Feb 17, 2013

Fleamarket Madness

I spent most of my January sorting out crap I don't need anymore. All kinds of crap. Clothes I haven't worn in forever or at all, mostly thrift finds I thought were interesting to alter, but never got to it. Books I never read or I won't read again. Shoes I bought even though they were a size too small.. I'd walk em in.. yeah, or not. I even found some things in the kitchen like a mixer I used once. CDs, tapes, electrical devices, belts, bags and much more. Too much. Maybe it's true what my man says, I'm a hoarder. But we're moving soon, so I have to get rid of some stuff! With clothes it's really an ordeal. So many memories. But some things that were once dear have to go eventually.

My mom planned to visit beginning of february so I wanted to take advantage of having a car in town and go sell at a fleamarket. We have a night fleamarket in town called nachtkonsum, it starts at 5pm and you can sell and buy till midnight and it's inside plus dj and live music. There's a fee to get in, but with the music and atmosphere it's worth it and it's packed with mostly young people every time. So I wanted to book a table space as soon as possible, but the day the sale started I was too late and it was sold out already. Just a couple of hours after the sale went online! I was devastated. Cause by then I had already sorted out so much stuff and was really looking forward to selling it.
Look at all the stuff I got:

Well, the website said, that spare place would be available past 4pm, so an hour before the fleamarket starts. So my mom and I took the risk and went there anyways. I was so excited and anxious, I flipped out when there was police everywhere in the middle of the city on the way. We had to make a huge detour because of a stupid demonstration and I was freaking out, cause I thought we'd be too late. But the we still got a place, phew. It wasn't the best place, but oh well, better than nothing. They placed us on the balcony, where the bar and the stage were. The problem with that place is, that most people start looking through all the stuff downstairs and then go up to have a drink and listen to the band, so they're kinda done with thrifting. We still got rid of a bunch of stuff.
This is my fleamarket table + my mom ;)

Here's the rest of the fleamarket.

This clothesrack drove me nuts. Nuts I tell ya. I got it from a friend just for this occasion and I should really have put it together before coming here. It ended up duct-taped after falling apart twice.

So many shoes, all a size too small... you'd think I'd learned after one..

I brought a couple of handmade items and displayed them on this little barbie suitcase. Sadly noone bought any of these necklaces. The only handmade item I sold was a tobacco pouch.

All in all it was a pretty interesting experience and I'd like to go to a fleamarket again soon, maybe shortly before we move. I definitely need to get a better place next time and seperate the handmade item clearly from the other fleamarket stuff, so people don't get cunfused. Need to work on my organizing and decorating skills here.
Until next time.
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