Feb 17, 2013

Projects on the side

The money I earned at the fleamarket was quickly spent. Mostly on a new camera, that I've been trying out the past week. It's a Canon Powershot S3 IS 6MP from ebay, so a little older, but perfect for me to try out photography and take some better pictures for this blog.
I'm very much ejoying the zoom.

I was finally able to modify the castle I made a while back (look see here) and turn it into a planter. Can't wait for the small green sprouts to emerge from the dirt.

And finally here's my pinterest win. if you don't know pinterest, it's pretty awesome. You can pin interesting stuff you see on the internet on a board and look at stuff other people pinned. Found this link for regrowing celery and tried it out.

Pretty cool, huh? You can find me on pinterest here.

Other than this I've been busy with my first craft swap on Craftster. The theme is The Walking Dead. I'm pretty excited. I'm all done and will send my package out tomorrow and will post pictures of what I made here as soon as it arrives.
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