May 21, 2013

Notebook Makeover

This is a small upcycling project I did last weekend in preparation for our trip to Berlin. We're going to move back to Berlin soon, so we took two weeks of vacation to start looking for new jobs and an apartment. To manage all of our appointments with future employers, landlords and old friends I chose an old notebook to be a planner.

What you need:
- an old notebook/planner
- yarn of choice
- cloth of choice
- a drill

For the cloth I chose one of Ken's old jeans on the "fix it" pile. I would have used something else, but my dad came by last week to pick up some of our stuff already to take up to Berlin and of course he took my whole stash of cloth.

I started out measuring the insides of the notebook and marking where I wanted to drill holes.

The drilled holes all have a distance of 1cm to the edge of the book and to another.

The I took the measures for my piece of jeans and cut it out.

Now for the tricky part. I took a big sowing needle and a long piece of thick thread/yarn, positioned the cloth and started to sow through both folds of cloth and the holes in the notebook. I just kept on going on the top right there until I ran out of holes on the top. I continued on the bottom and used the holes on the side twice to compensate and phew, it worked out perfectly!

From the other side:

And here's the inside. I just wrote the dates on top of the pages and then made a timeline for planning.

I think it looks pretty cool. Definitely not the usual design for a notebook and a great upcycling project times 2. You get an upcycled notebook and jeans.

Now wish me look for our plentiful appointments!

This post is part of Nina's Upcycling Tuesday and the Creadienstag.
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