Sep 16, 2013

From old to new: Our Balcony Furniture

You've probably already seen a glimpse of our balcony furniture in my post about the upcycling workshop and I can finally show you the making here. One of the most important things for me to look for in an apartment was a balcony. I have never had one outside my parents house where we also had a garden and I missed being able to leave the house witout leaving the house and having space for plants and relaxation.
So after finishing the dresser I was on the lookout for balcony furniture on ebay to buy for cheaps.
The set cost me 15€, which is more than half of what it would have cost new. I got wooden furniture, because the plan was to paint it anyways. I was undecided about the colours at first, but we had gone to a furniture store just a few days earlier and there was a set of decorations in white and lavender that really looked quite lovely. With the black metal table and chair legs it doesn't look too tacky.

I started by taking off all the wooden strips and painting them white.

After letting the paint dry for about two days I mixed up a nice colour of lavender by adding blue and red paint to the same white lacquer I used for the base coat.

Covered half of the wooden strips with the lavender paint and the other half with another coat of white paint. I let it dry for another couple of days before screwing everything back together, because the lacquer is still really sensitive to dent and scratch even if the paint is dry to the touch.

Looking very good I'd say. Too bad summer ended so quickly, we didn't have too many occasions to use it, but we are hoping for many more summers in this apartment.

This post will be part of Nina's Upcycling Tuesday and the Creadienstag.
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