Sep 23, 2013

Nail & Thread Art Workshop @ Dawanda Snuggery

Last Thursday I went to another workshop. This time organized by Dawanda, an online shop for homemade goodies. The workshop was hosted by the lovely Fräulein Tong Tong who sells a bunch of awesomeness, so check her out.

I prepared for the workshop by printing out a few possible stencils for my project. The Name Krowns is a combination of my future husbands and my last name. And if the US embassy is willing it'll be our name from next year on.

With the help of Fräulein Tong Tong I chose the comic like writing, because it was the thickest font and easiest to thread around.

My good friend Romie joined me for this workshop.

Representing Dawanda was the lovely Lu from luloveshandmade. It was a pleasure to meet her in person!

Busy fellow workshoppers & a peek at the Dawanda Snuggery.

Hammering the nails was much more exhausting than I would have thought. Especially because you really have to put a nail on each corner of the letters and multiple ones on round letters to make the fully visible.

Hours later: tadaaa. I love it! It'll be the centerpiece of our wedding table.
This is what my mate Romie accomplished! The ampersand was drawn from memory and by hand.. jealous!

Of course I forgot to take step by step pictures at the workshop, so it was a good thing I didn't finish both of my projects at the workshop. I was able to paint two pieces of wooden shelf at the workshop. I mixed the colour myself, creating the first wedding theme colour, I believe.
The heart was drawn with a folded piece of paper (because I'm terrible at drawing).

I tried to hammer the nails into the wood as evenly as possible and about a third of the lenght in. You can check if the lenghts are even by looking at the boeard from the side.

Then I removed the paper. If it sticks in between the nail and the wood you can try to pick it out with tweezers or make it wet and rub it off.

Then it's time to thread, thread, thread. You can thread it any way you like. I tried not to connect two of the neighboured nails, but that's just me.
Finished! I really like both pieces of art & enjoyed the workshop immensely. Definitely something I would like to do again very soon! It's always great to try out a new craft.

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