Dec 16, 2013

Our Pixel Christmas Tree

Our first christmas tree is not standing in our living room, it is taped to the wall! We don't really have room for a real tree in our living room, but I still wanted to have some sort of nice decoration for our first christmas at home. When we lived in Munich we were always away for christmas so I never bothered with any decoration, but now we're at home and to get into the spirit I thought up an easy way to get a tree into the house.
I used three different kinds of paper, one very thick, almost cardboard like dark green and two shades of thin see-through greens. To give the shape more substance I taped a strip of christmasy masking tape under each line of paper squares. I then used the same masking tape to stick the paper squares to the wall attaching it in a way that the see-through bits always went up and out.
The tree is attached to the wall opposite to our couch island and next to the tv above our entertainment shelves. There are already two presents under our tree, one from me and one from the future husband. I'm very excited for our first christmas at home and so glad that we don't have to be on the autobahn for hours this year. The small christmas decoration in the teapot on the right was made by my mom. It's pretty cool too.
Have a very nerdy Merry Christmas!

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