Dec 14, 2013

The Hobbit 2 ~ The European Premiere Part II + Give-Away

After my report of all the red carpet action here's the physical goodies I received that night of the European Premiere of The Desolation of Smaug.
Let's start with the autographs:

Since I work at Universal Music I got to order the Soundtrack on day one of the release and was able to take it to the red carpet to sign. It's something different from just a picture, I guess. It got kind of beaten up that night, but I'm still going to find a special place ion our apartment to display it. I'm actually listening to the soundtrack of the movie right now to get me in the mood for watching it this afternoon with my future husband.
Signatures from left to right on top: Aidan Turner(actor: Kili) - Philippa Boyens (writer/producer) - Martin Freeman (actor: Bilbo Baggins)
Bottom left to right: Luke Evans (actor: Bard the Bowman) - Richard Armitage (actor: Thorin Oakenshield)

When the soundtrack got kind of full of signatures I brought out my stack of printed out pictures.

Here I got Andy Serkis the actor of Gollum/Smeagol.

And this signature is from Peter Jackson, my personal Lord of the Rings.

Here's my Facebook Fan Area gear, thanks again to the future husband for giving me his place which got me in second row in front of the red carpet even though I only got there 2 hours ahead. They also gave us smartphone gloves to always update our facebook statuses even in the cold.

And this is very unspectacular my Golden Ticket to the European Premiere of The Hobbit. The only way you can really tell is the date on it, but it brought me oh so much joy. It really still is a mystery to me how I got one, because the fans that got them were interviewed on their costumes and how far away they came from and how long they were waiting and I had nothing like that to show really.

Inside the movie theatre there were champagne and snacks to enjoy before the movie started with all the other lucky people to attend the premiere. There were screens to watch the rest of the action above, the cast and crew standing on the balcony to take pictures and thank the fans. I got to gulp down one glass of champagne and then it was already time to head inside the movie theatre.
And then shock, where the hell is my ticket? I almost dumped out my whole bag before I found it again. That would have been just too bad, losing the ticket right before the movie. When I got in the movie had already started and when I found myself a seat and sat down I felt something underneath me. A box, the one in the picture above. Good thing I didn't squish it under my big butt sitting down. I put it under my seat to look at after the movie.
And this is what I found inside. A snack mix prepared my Air New Zealand with Middle Earth inspired snacks.
In case anyone might ask. No, I didn't sit inside the movie theatre with all the stars. I doubt most of them even watched the movie there, as they all have been to the World Premiere a week ahead and probably seen it already. Also there were about 8 theatres in the cinema that showed the film at the same time. Actually the theatre which I sat in wasn't even full of people, so knowing that I'm not so surprised I got a ticket and a little sad they didn't give out more as there was clearly more room for other waiting fans outside.
I'm really glad the movie was shown in English with subtitles, I would have hated my first impression of the new movie to be with fake German dubbing. German movies are dubbed really well, but I haven't been watching dubbed movies for like 5 years and it takes away so much of the original acting for me.

After the movie was over everyone got a Goodie bag with a mini fugure, a coin, a note pad and a small year calender. Umm... I took like 4 Goodie bags... don't judge me... I like stuff.

These are the four mini figures I got.

And the four coins from the goodie bag were also not enough for me. Walking out of the cinema there were bunches of people gathered around the dragon taking pictures and stuffing their pockets with the coins laying around the bottom of the dragon's treasure. So I stuffed my bags as well. Naturally.

But I'm not greedy, I would love to give away some of my awesome goodies.
One lucky Winner of my Give-Away will receive a Hobbit Notepad, a mini picture calendar (the one with Legolas) and two Golden Coins.
And three other lucky people will receive one Golden Coin each!

Here's what you have to do to enter my Give-Away:
Follow my blog on GFC, Bloglovin, Blog-Connect or Facebook.
Then leave me a comment telling me about your favorite character or scene from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.
Leave me you Email-Adress as well in case you win!

This Give-Away will end on December 26th. Good Luck!

Spoiler Alert!
PS: My favorite scene from the movie is the one with Smaug covered in molten gold, so awesome! And I love the scene where Legolas makes fun of Gloins wee lad Gimli, heart melting for LotR fans.
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