Oct 12, 2014

Harry Potter Swap on Craftster Part I

Two years ago I participated in my first Craft Swap on Craftster with the theme The Walking Dead. You can check out what I made here and what I received here.
More than a year later I felt like doing another swap, so I checked out the Swapping Board and found the Back to Hogwarts Swap. I signed up and got partnered with a fellow crafter from Belgium. And here's what he sent me:

The first item I checked out was this amazing suitcase filled with goodies that I would carry around with me when I would go on Terrortours adventures! Terrortours is a shop in Diagon Alley that offers adventure holidays for witches and wizards.

There was a silver dagger against Werewolves, a cross and stake against Vampires and some vegan chocolate against the terrors of Dementors.

Then a candle to scare off creatures, some Doxy Poison Antidote, a Seeing mirror to look around corners (Do not use to look for Basilisks!) and a jar full of Bezoars in case someone gets poisoned.

There was also a pouch with Tibetian Shimmering stones light the darkness and some Stoned Phoenix Tears to heal minor injuries. The booklet was the Terrortours Survival Kit Handbook: They do not take responsibility for accidents, but early deaths will get refunds!

The next item was this awesome Ravenclaw bag:
I can always use more bags and this one is pretty cool. The husband said that it also reminded him of the House Arryn from Game of Thrones, but the Prefect badge makes it pretty clear that it's Harry Potter related to the ones in the know. I'm pretty sure that I would never have been a Prefect at Hogwarts, but I will have lots of fun pretending to be one.

Then I looked inside of the bag and at first I thought it was just some cardboard to make it stand up straight, but no! It's a labyrinth boardgame!

This is actually one of my favorite boardgames from my childhood and now I own the Harry Potter version! So cool! Can't wait to play a round with my fellow Ravenclaws in the common room.

Last, but not least, I got a jar of Polyjuice Potion.
Just kidding, the real stuff is way dangerous and only for Advanced Potion Makers! It's a candy jar!

And there we have it. The creativity of my fellow Craftsters never ceases to amaze me. Couldn't have asked for a better partnership and I can't wait till he gets my package. I really hope he likes the stuff I made and I will share with you as soon as the Muggle post delivers.

And here's the scary bit; I made an unboxing video... If you watch it all the play please tell me what you're thinking! Never again or get a better camera you chump or meh, could be worse. It's really weird talking into a camera by yourself and if noone cares about it I'd rather leave it be. Gah, alright, here goes nothing:

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