Oct 6, 2014

Picturesque Month ~ 06'14

June is my favorite month of the whole year. Mostly because it is the month of my birthday, which is also the first day of summer and summer is great! This year it was also the month of our wedding and will the our anniversary month from now on. So here's what happened:
June was also a month of fitness, I ate very healthy and did a lot of sports. I was really into sweet potatoes this month and also tried out monomeals, where you eat only one fruit or vegetable as a meal. My favorite monomeal was a big half of a watermelon.

Of course this month was also full of last minute wedding crafts, like these caketoppers I made at a workshop in the Dawanda Snuggery and Ken's cufflings which show off his love of Pokemon and our wedding colour theme.
I also enjoyed to spend some time on our balcony, look how much Ryan grew!
Of course there was music as well:
- The fantastic Arcade Fire at the Wuhlheide. 5/5 bazooka points for awesomeness.
- The not so much fantastic any more Mando Diao.. they got really weird! 2/5 bazooka points for not rocking it like the good ol' times anymore.
- There was no third concert this month, so here's a picture of me sporting my first wedding gift; Zombie slippers (How awesome are those?) and watching Adventure Time on DVD, which I got for my birthday!

I also got some awesome T-Shirts from my present time husband which feature Tina, my favorite character from Bob's Burgers and Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure time. Also season 1-3 of Bob's Burgers and Adventure time! LSP pillow looks mighty jelly. As a tradition Ken made me a giant Birthday card with a silly pun (the front had a huge piece of cheese on it).What a Sweety!
Since my birthday was a week before our wedding I decided to throw a Polter-Birthday. The german tradition of the Polterabend (which means as much as evening of bangs...) is mainly shattering china and dishes to scare away the evil spirits before the wedding day.
Then the next day instead of a bachelor/bachelorette evening we went on a super fun rafting trip on a lake in Brandenburg with a group of our closest friends. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect! Spent the whole day out on the water with our two rafts, had a picnic and great adventure!

And then it was time to get married! Ken's best friend and his brother came all the way from the US to watch us tie the knot and of course to spend some quality time with their buddy.
The second two pictures are from the day of our "official" wedding at the registry office. "Real" wedding photos coming up soon!
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