Dec 31, 2014

Picturesque Month ~ 10'14

~ In October you go to Oktoberfest, right? No! Not if you live anywhere outside of Munich. Also Oktoberfest usually takes place end of September...
~ Beautiful view out of my office.
~ Enjoying the last few sunny days.

~ Yay for overpriced antique flea markets on the Museumsinsel.
~ But there are some fancy schmancy stores around there where you can buy all kinds of high priced kitsch like this giant bear. That would sit nicely in our living room!
~ I was too dumb to ride a bicycle this month. No, actually someone jumped in front of my bike and I breaked and flew over the handlebar right on my head, but everything's fine! Got really lucky.

~ The husband and I spend Germany unity day at my Dad's house chopping wood, so productive!
~ I was also working on my Weasley Family Clock.

Our local hardware store offers a Women's Week every now and then with various workshops. I got lucky to get a place in two workshops (actually three, but I conveniently fell on my head right on the way to that one.) The first workshop was about getting your plants ready for winter. I chose a black currant plant and named it Joe and now Joe is ready for winter and sitting on my balcony!

The second workshop was about decorative wall design and the various techniques you can use to make your wall look more pretty like stenciling and swiping and other interesting things. Yeah... I don't really paint my walls, I like posters and pictures...

I went to the premiere of Jemaine Clement's new film What We Do In The Shadows, I dare you to watch the trailer without laughing out loud! Got to meet one half of my favorite comedy folk duo Flight of the Conchords and also the hilarious Taika Waititi, co-director of the movie. It was one of the best nights this year (you know, next to my wedding and stuff) with loads of laughter. Even though they screened the movie in German it was still hilarious and my friends all loved it. Jemaine and Taika were there before and after the movie for an introduction and a Q&A (I asked the obvious question that they must have heard before whether it was true that they improvised a lot of the scenes to which they replied, why would they, it's a documentary, it's all true *wink*.). They also hung out for a while at the aftershow party. There was free booze and everything. So fun!

Next day there was another event at a different movie theatre where they showed the film in English. This time they had a costume contest and since people are too lazy to dress up I had to to win the prize.. and I did. Jemaine handed me a bottle of New Zealand wine after convincing him I had the best costume because of my bat tattoo. Yes, I'm that desperate ;)

~The husband and i went out to eat sushi. No, we didn't finish this humungous amount of sushi.
~ Then we went on to see a man do gay cabaret.
~ And he was followed by the hilarious Daniel Sloss. 4/5 Bazooka Points for doing a comedy show in humourless Germany (or that's what we're told).
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