Dec 31, 2014

Harry Potter Potion Book Medicine Cabinet DIY

Is there any better way to store all of your drugs and ointments than a Potion Book covered cabinet? Didn't think so. I got the idea during the making of my Harry Potter Craft Swap package, because I was looking for a way to upcycle a cabinet I found on a walk earlier this year.

I think it used to be a sewing cabinet, but since I have way too much sewing stuff I wanted to turn it into something else.
I started by taking off all the extra shelves, compartements and the door and cleaning the cabinet. The next step with used furniture is always a sand down, because you never know how the wood has been treated before and you want the paint to stick to it properly.

Next up I sawed up 3 shelves and 6 pieces to hold the shelves in place and sanded the edges.
With a measure tape I marked the places where the shelves should sit on both sides and I nailed the six pieces in place, even side up.
This is what the cabinet looked like sanded with all the shelves in place but without a door.

Next up was the painting. I gave the cabinet and the shelves two coats of blue matte lacquer and a sloppy coat of a darker shade of blue to make it look more used. I also sanded around the edges to give it a shabby chic look.
I printed out an A3 image of Libatius Borage's book of Advanced Potion-Making and glued it to the front of the cabinet door. I used the glue underneath and on top of the picture and aditionally sprayed the front of the door with a clear lacquer once the glue was dry.

There it is, ready to hold all of our medicine, which we kept in a converse shoe box until then (too much information?). I made the necklace hanger earlier this year and it accidentally matches the medicine cabinet perfectly! I made it pretty much the same way I made the cabinet, but instead of glueing a picture on top I nailed in a bunch of nails and painted them with nail polish (get it? nail polish!).

And there's the inside! Don't judge me for the content.. always be prepared!
Alright, I hope Snape, excuse me, the Half-Blood Prince doesn't mind me borrowing his book to make me feel better.


This post will be part of Nina's Upcycling Tuesday.

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