Jan 4, 2015

Picturesque Month ~ 11'14

We had some lovely weather in early November and took some time to walk around the neighbourhood. I love the nearby woods with the Flughafensee and we even discovered a prison at the edge of the wood. Got to keep that in mind in case of a zombie apocalypse ;)

~ It was the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down this year and there was a huge celebration on the day. We didn't go to that, but it was nice to see the ballons next to my work on Oberbaumbrücke marking the way the wall went through the city.
~ On another note Amanda Palmer's first book came out and I preordered a signed edition. It is such a good read and I can just recommend it to anyone who's a fan in any way! 5/5 Bazooka Points!

~ Another perk of working in the music industry: sometimes there's free merch! We released the Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack, which is brilliant by itself, but then we had the great idea to release it on tape as well! If you've seen the movie you'll know how awesome that is.
~ I went to another Dawanda workshop. This time we were making tablet covers from felt. We left early to go see the Mighty Oaks, so i took my project home, but still haven't finished it...
~ I decorated for fall.. a little late, but better late than never, right? Maybe I'll share this acorn project next year before fall.

Just continuing with the Harry Potter theme. Playing games digitally and physically. I just love the EA games, especially the Chamber of Secrets and the Prisoner of Azkaban. And the LEGO boardgame was almost more fun to put together than to actually play.

~ The husband is a big Max Raabe fan and we had the chance to go to the premiere of his new live recording film Eine Nacht in Berlin. 4/5 Bazooka Points for a very nice 20s feel in the movie theatre.
~ Kiesza played her first gig at Gretchen in Berlin and it was just so full and you couldn't see anything that was going on on stage. 2/5 Bazooka Points for a terrible choice of venue!
~ The Mighty Oaks just keep on playing bigger and bigger venues! I skipped their gig last year at a much smaller venue, becuase I wasn't quite convinced by their music, but after a few listens I really love their album Howl and their gig at Columbiahalle was quite nice. 4/5 Bazooka Points for a westcoast feel in rainy Berlin.

November time is Thanksgiving time. We had a lovely intimate celebration with loads of good food and lazy couch movie times (The Addams Family Values was a must!). Almost as good as the evening feast: Leftovers on the next day!
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