Jan 26, 2015

Our Thrifty &Crafty Wedding ~ Centerpieces & Favors

After seemingly endless origami sessions after work/in front of the tv/with my bridesmaids to be/with the husband to be it was finally time to make the actual wedding decoration/favor. Two of my bridesmaids came over for a day long crafting session:

In preparation I had taken a bunch of wooden shashlik skewers and handpainted each one of them with green acrylic paint after a disappointing dyeing debacle.
We glued those skewers to the flowers as stems using hot glue which dries really fast. This was pretty important as we had to hold the flower for a bit until the glue was all set.
After finishing off all 60 flowers like this we used the hot glue gun again to attach a button to the "pistil" (I had to look this one up) to cover the paper clips.
I had bought the purple buttons, but the white buttons are all from my craft stack.
I didn't take photos of the last step, but I'll try to explain it to you as good as possible. My idea was to have the flowers as decoration during the party and then to have each guest take one home as a favor to remember the day. For the favor not to be just a decoration I thought of adding some wild flower seeds. We did this by cutting out paper leafs and sprinkling a few seeds on top. Then we secured the seeds with a strip of masking tape, pressing it down on to the part of the leaf covered with seeds. We attached the leaf with some more masking tape, wrapping it around the stem.
Times 60 this project took a couple of weeks, but it was definitely worth it. I asked the husband to make a flyer explaing to the guests that the flowers are not only decoration, but also a gift to take home by the end of the day. Obviously some people forgot to take them, so I still have a bunch of these at home to be used as decoration/gifts some other time.
Check out the pictures our wedding photographer Mateja Müller took of the finished product on the day of the wedding:

Just a glimpse at the stuff to come still. We had a lot of fun with the table decoration and it really came out perfectly. Can't wait to show you the rest!

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