Jan 13, 2015

Our Thrifty &Crafty Wedding ~ Outfits for the Registry Office

It is no surprise that both of our outfits for our "official" wedding and the registry office were thrifted. They are actually both from the same store; my favorite thrift store in Munich, the Weißer Rabe. I wrote about their stores in my Thrifting section and if you find yourself in Munich one day and love thrifting, you should check out their 2 stores.
The husbands suit was only 10€, a real steal! It's in mint condition as it hasn't been worn in forever, since it had tickets to the Palast der Republik from the late 80s in its pockets. We didn't even have to alter it in any way since it fit perfectly and back in 2010 when we found it the husband even said that he'll marry me in that suit.
I found my dress about a year after the man proposed in 2012, it was 4€! I'll say that again. Four euros, in current exchange that's 4,7$. So yeah, it was love at first sight actually. And I knew right away that it would be my registry wedding dress and it only needed a bit of altering. First things first: getting rid of the shoulder pads... I really don't know what they were thinking when they invented those. So here's an before without the pads:

Looking alright, but a little unshapely around the waist.

I only took in a few centimeters on the back of the dress to make it more shapely around the hips and the waist. When you're taking in clothes it's really important that you try it on with the needles in place. Otherwise it could be a rude awakening after sewing an then trying it on. You can always take in more, but undoing seams is the worst! I also took in a few centimeters around the waist to make it more of a high skirt.

Well, here we are on our "official" wedding day:

15 minutes inside the office and we were married! In the end it's just a signature, really, but when we were there it felt like a little more than that. Nothing compared to our ceremony on the next day of course, but there was still something official about it.

When we came out of the office an oldtimer car was waiting outside and at first I thought it was probably for the next married couple, but it was a surprise by my dad! An old friend of his collects oldtimers and drives them around occasionally and so he booked him for us to get to the next days's wedding location to prepare.

It was definitely a fun ride! The husbands best man and his brother joined us in the car and the rest of the family went ahead in my dad's car.

Apparently everyone but us was in on the secret and my girls were already waiting at the location as we were about to spend the rest of the day decorating and preparing for the big day the next day.
We had the best weather as well on this day and a lot of fun (and stress) with the decorating, but more on that later! I hope you liked our thrifted outfits and maybe got inspired to thrift your own wedding outfit. If you do be sure do send me a link via comment, I'd love to see!

This post will be part of the Upcycling Tuesday and Creadienstag.
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