Jan 20, 2015

Picturesque Month ~ 12'14

~ December started with another Dawanda workshop. This time we knitted tiny christmas trees for decoration. The last time I knitted something must have been at least ten years ago, but after a few minutes it felt like I never stopped. Muscle memory is pretty awesome!
~ Christmas cookies = Batman cookies!
~ We love love love telltale games and they released the first episode of a Game of Thrones game. It was pretty awesome! But then, the Walking Dead game was pretty awesome as well.

~ December was also Hobbit month, sadly this year for the last time. Universal released the soundtrack again so I was decked with posters.
~ We went to see the movie on the day it came out in the same movie theatre where I watched the premiere last year! Remember that? That was awesome! Check out my Hobbit Premiere posts from last year if you haven't yet: Part I & Part II
~ I got an addition to my premiere coin stack: A Legolas Coin
Seriously, he was almost the best part about the last movie. I was a little disappointed, not enough Hobbit and too many wtf moments (Saruman & Galadriel fighting ghosts? Stupid underwater ork?? Tauriel&Kili???). I actually liked most of the fighting scenes, but it didn't feel like a real movie somehow. Anyhow...

I was working on this year's christmas tree. It was made from toilet paper rolls. Check it out.
~ This year's work christmas party was themed American X-Mas. Too bad we didn't have Burgers as christmas dinner ;)
~ There was a rare occasion of our bedroom being tidy, so I took a picture! Really enjoying our new plaid bedsheets and our upcycled dresser.
~ Also new in our bedroom is our upcycled Harry Potter medicine cabinet.

We usually don't have the traditional german "Adventskalender", but one of my colleagues had a spare, so we got a Star Wars LEGO advent calendar! How cool is that? Those are pretty expensive actually and they're filled with the coolest LEGO's. My highlights were the R2Tree2, Luke Skywalker and Darth Santa!

~ I said Good-Bye to my Spreeside office and moved to the streetside. Started a new job within the department in January and looking forward to new experiences and challenges.
~ Got the sweetest gift from my blogger pal Claudi from Pixeltrash 3000. I sent her a small package with goodies from the Hobbit premiere last year and she returned the favour with an awesome poster, Thorin figurine and ring. Thank you so much again!

~ Christmas came and went and even though we promised not to give each other presents there were a couple of packages next to our tiny christmas tree. I got the husband a couple of cool Batman T-Shirts and polka-doted socks and I got a biology books on bats, my favorite animal.
~ I took advantage of the free days on my own (because the husband had to work) between christmas and New Years decorating the hallway with a bunch of geeky and nerdy posters and illustrations. I had a bunch of spooky images left over from Halloween, so why not put them up to enjoy all year long.
~ Started on our new hallway bench. Blogpost coming soon!

It snowed on the second day after christmas so naturally we decided to go to the zoo! We have been to the Berlin Zoo last year so it was time to check out the Tierpark in east Berlin (Yes, Berlin has 2 zoo's thanks to a certain wall). It was so much fun to see all the animals in the snow, I can only recommend it! It started snowing a lot about an hour into our visit and there's only a few better things on christmas than watching a baby elephant throw snowballs with its trunk.

Did you do anything non-traditional for christmas? I think going to the zoo will be our new tradition!
Happy New Year!
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