Feb 10, 2015

Picturesque Month ~ 01'15

If you've missed my hallway bench project check out the steampunky goodness here. I'm glad I got done with it before going back to work after the holidays because it's much harder to finish a big project like this when you have to work 9-5.

I went to another Dawanda workshop with my friend Romie. This time there was nothing to take home, because we knitted and chrocheted scarfs, hats and headbands for homeless people with the gals from Helfen Wollen. Sadly there weren't as many people as when it's a regular workshop where you can take your crafts home for free, but the people that came had loads of fun chatting away while doing something for their karma. There were even people from the newspaper there to take pictures and interview people to inspire their readers to send their spare wool or warm goods to the organization.

~ Cumberbatch everywhere. Funnily enough I walked past these today when someone was changing the posters and I asked him I could have one. So now I have a huge Imitation Game poster lying in the office waiting to be hung up :D
~ Finally got to try out our extension for the settlers game we own. It wasn't as fun as it looked at first. I actually prefer the original version.
~ Also finally got to finish making a new tablet cover for the husband. (I started in November!)

~ Went on a fun trip to the Dong Xuan Center in Berlin with some friends. It's a huge asian whole sale center where you can get all kinds of weird stuff!
~ Apart from the weird stuff they have real good and authentic asian food. I had a really yummy vietnamese noodle soup called Pho.
~ One of the most interesting stores was this fake flower store. Everything was make from plastic... Surreal!

~ I took some time to clean up my craft area! It helped a lot that I attached a shelf to the wall next to the desk, this way I don't have to store everything on my desk. I'm much more likely to be crafty with a clean and organized desk, so this was long overdue!
~ Clear view to my sewing machine. Usually this place was crammed with all kinds of stuff... I also attached a pinboard, which I found next to the trashcans, to the wall.
~ The neat and tidy desk inspired me right away to make a cloth cover for my sewing machine. I had a plastic one, which was pretty ugly though so I never used it. You can barely see it, but it has pink stripes and it so nice to look at when I'm not using the machine.

~ It didn't really snow again until the end of january, too bad snow doesn't last very long in the city, cause that's the part I most like about winter.
~ Snowy weather calls for soup! Hot steamy lentil soup. And the husband made pretzels from scratch, sooo good! He's really got a talent for trying out new recipes. I usually fail at my culinary attempts at something new. Well, next months are diet time again. Got to prepare for our summer vacation in the US!

Well, I would say this was a good start in the new year, let's hope it continues to amaze!
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