Mar 2, 2015

Upcycling Fun ~ From Pants to Backpack!

I have wanted to try out one of my favorite upcycling youtuber coolirpa's backpack turorial for a while now and one lazy afternoon I scrolled through my Creativity Pinboard on Pinterest for ideas and found this to be the perfect craft. The husband had already asked me to make him a new bag, as his old one (also made out of an old pair of jeans -> he's got thighs from hell ;) is slowly falling apart.

So I picked these two pairs of pants from our broke clothes pile and cut them up according to Coolirpa's tutorial.
I ended up with these pieces and a bunch of scraps.
After preparing the zipper and sewing together the front of the backpack I got working on the handles. The ones from the videos didn't seem sturdy enough, so I figured out a way to make my own.

Turning that thing inside out (twice!) was a b*tch! But I made it. I sewed down the strap twice to flatten them and also to get the typical backpack straps.

And voila, we have a backpack! I accessorized it with a bunch of buttons and a robot zipper line and the husband wore it for the first time this last saturday when we went to the Berlin animal shelter for a fleamarket and to look at cute animals. Too bad we couldn't take any of them home as I am allergic to most of them and also I wouldn't want to keep an animal in an apartment on the top floor.

Here I told the husband to pose like someone's making a lot of noise like in this IT crowd scene, but he just wouldn't make the right gesture.

Isn't he a great model? And after all a real good sport, even though all that photo taking took some time to get used to for him. Thanks for being my love <3

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