Mar 9, 2015

Picturesque Month ~ 02'15

~ February started with a spectacular concert: Queen & Adam Lambert. Obviously it was the band Queen without their beloved lead singer Freedie Mercury as he is long deceased, but with the young American Idol winner Adam Lambert who fully captured Mercury's spirit in my opinion. 5/5 Bazooka points for giving the show his own touch, but also making it a tribute to Freddie!
~ Inspired by the concert I gave our framed chalkboard a go and drew Freddie Mercury singing "You're my best friend!" (without the horrendous 80s haircut).
~ Speaking of inspiring concerts. I got to see the amazingly awkwardly gorgeous Aurora from Norway at a showcase. The problem about showcases is that they are full of media schmucks who think they're too cool to appreciate the artists they were invited to witness and talk all the through the show. So songs like "Runaway" which would be so amazing in a quiet room were still amazing, but not quite as much as they could have been... 5/5 Bazooka Points for being beautifully quaint and predicting a bright future!

~ The husband surprised me with a pre-Valentines gift. A heart made of post it's saying what he loves about me <3
~ Lu from Luloveshandmade surprised me with a wonderful Hobbit T-Shirt, which I showed off at the gym straight away!
~ Last month I showed you the Cumberbatch posters and here's the one I snatched :D

It was my friend Romie's birthday and she lives in Cottbus, so we took a day trip there and celebrated at the local carneval which took place the same day! So many nice buildings in Cottbus, too bad it's such a small town and so far from Berlin.

Winter is almost over, but I wanted to fnish the husband's hat and scarf. I usually crochet in the evening while watching tv or watching the husband play games. I particularly enjoyed watching him play the most recent Game of Thrones episode of the telltale game. And just a couple of days later the set was finished. As usual he is being a great model for my crafts!

My friend Romie stopped by and we had a nice and quiet crocheting party followed by some homemade Sushi Extravaganza. So yummy! We tried summer rolls for the first time and they were delicious & really easy to make.

I finally got to meet Claudi from Pixeltrash3000! She's a really cool and nerdy Blogger and Youtuber and we share our love for thrifting and geeky stuff. So when she came to visit me in Berlin after a business meeting closeby I took her to the huge Humana at Frankfurter Tor to do some thrift shopping, then to my favorite comic shop Modern Graphics in Kreuzberg and finally to grab some Burgers and sweet potatoe fries at Kreuzburger. I had a great time with her and can't wait to meet her again. Maybe in her hometown Halle where part of my family lives.

~ The husband and I went to visit the Berlin animal shelter, not to adopt an animal (as I am sadly very allergic to all kinds of animals) but for a flea market which was actually not that great, but we still had a good time touring the shelters and looking at the cute animals and pretending to take home all of them, but especially all the black cats! Apparantly black animals are last to get take from the shelter as many people are still supersticious.. so dumb!
~ Sadly the great Leonard Nimoy, mostly known for his portrayal of the half vulkan Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek universe, died in February. I would call myself a fan of the first show and the movies and Spock was, next to Bones, my favorite character! I am very sad that he is gone.
~ The next day I sat down to watch the Wrath of Khan as a tribute to Mr. Nimoy. I haven't watched that movie in ages, because as a kid I was always very disturbed by the slug creature they put in Chekovs ear. I literally slept with a pillow over both of my ears for a really long time, so the slugs couldn't get in! Yes, I was always a weirdo...
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