Mar 22, 2015

Thrifting in Berlin ~ Humana Frankfurter Tor

I have to say I do do miss the munich thrift stores! Thrifting is just way too hip in Berlin, cause you know, if it's not vintage why even wear it? This is why the bigger thrift stores are way overpriced here and it is really hard to find some good stuff for your buck. Humana is one of the biggest thift store chain here and you can find a bargain every now and then. Especially in their biggest store (it's actually Europe's biggest store) here at Franktfurter Tor in Berlin. This store has all kinds of stuff spread out on 5 floors.

The first 3 floors are mostly all kinds of clothes, but then on the fourth floor you get to the toys, books and other stuff.

I just love rummaging through people's old stuff and the toy section is always worth a visit! Didn't find anything except for a Count Duckula VHS.
The man was on the look out for a spring coat and found this very film noir looking trenchcoat. It is the most expensive item of clothing we have ever bouth second hand. It was 50€, but the husband's heart was very set on it. And since I spend so much more on multiple items and he barely ever buys anything it was fine with me. Also it was in mint condition. I didn't buy the sweater in the picture above, it was just too ridiculous with the zipper from the hoodie all the way down to the sleeve. I did get another sweater though, even though spring is just around the corner, but it is really nice and pink and comfy.

I will try to keep you posted on other Berlin thrifting opportunities. It's almost fleamarket time again!
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