Apr 1, 2015

Our Thrifty &Crafty Wedding ~ Geeky Seating Arrangement

We didn't really want to give our tables numbers for the seating arrangement as it would be unfair to our guests to have them sit at a the "first" or "last" table, so we decided to give our tables names. But not any kind of names, oh no. We are huge geeks and love to watch tv shows. So we gave our tables the names of our favorite tv shows and sat down our guests accordingly.
We had the following tables:
- Sherlock
- Bob's Burgers
- Batman
- Games Of Thrones
- The X-Files
- Buffy
& lastly our family table: - The Addams Family
I made name tags out of clothespins and used an embossing label maker to attach the individual names onto the clothespins.
                         The small additional mini chalk board pin were for the children.
We put the DVD's of the tv shows on each table to show our guests which table they were seated at.
I hope that this was a fun conversation starter and this way no one could be offended by sitting at a table with a higher number.

Did you have table numbers or did you think of something else for your guests?
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