Apr 23, 2015

Picture My Day #pmdd18

It's my first time doing Picture My Day. The name says it all, so let's begin:

~ The Day started early in the morning as I had a plane to catch from Berlin to Munich for a Minication till Tuesday.
~ I got to show off my new Carry-On luggage taking the train into central Munich.

~ After dropping off my luggage at my dear friends house we headed straight out for some luxurious brunch at the Mariandl Cafe at the Beethovenplatz.
~ We shared a generous breakfast menu for two with some freshly squeezed orange juice and cought up on each others lives.

~ With a full belly I said farewell to my friend, as she had to go to work, and headed towards the huge fleamarket of Theresienwiese (you know, the one where the Oktoberfest takes place). The less popular and smaller Frühlingsfest (Spring festival) is accompanied by the biggest fleamarket in Europe and this was my fifth time in a row!
~ You can find so many bizarre things there and I was greeted by some enormous Asterix and Obelix only a couple of metres into the market.

~ One of my favorite fleamarket finds was this small Polly Pocket heart. Sadly it is missing its figurines, but that's ok. I still have a few of these from when I was a kid on my parents attic somewhere. They were one of my favorite toys! Probably because they were one of the few "girly" things I had that I didn't have to share with my brothers.
~ Oh, yes. Pollly Pocket and Barbie... I did actually own one of these mobile homes, but then I sold it.. for way too cheap!

~ We got really lucky with the weather and the view was fantastic! You can see the huge ferris wheel of the spring festival here and the beautiful St. Paul's church in the background.
~ Too bad this awesome Disney bag wasn't for sale. Loving the mashup with Ducktales and the Dalmatians and Dumbo...

~ The mandatory fleamarket mirror selfie ;)
~ After a a couple of hours of hanging out with some other friends from my time back at Sony Music I met up with the friend I was staying with again to to some shopping at Aldi's for the days to come. I just love Aldi Süd! They got the best selection of veggie "meat substitute". I don't eat those substitutes that often, so to find good ones for cheap is always awesome. And the meatballs I got were so tasty!

~ And here comes the highlight of the day: we got out of the store with a box full and heavy with the groceries we got and a dark-skinned man approached us whether he could help us bring the box to our car. We responded that we don't have a car, but that we don't have to walk very far. He then insists that he takes us to our place in his taxi for free! He was with his little son and did not take no for an answer. And since the box really was pretty heavy and he really insisted on taking us we gave in and got into the car and he took us home. It is really rare these days that you meet a genuinely nice person like that! Especially in a big city. We thanked him tons said goobye to him and his little boy and enjoyed a really nice dinner of pretzels and veggies with hummus and Obatzda ( a bavarian cheese dip).
~ The night ended with us finishing two bottles of white whine and smoking a couple of cigarettes ( only under the influence ;) and talking about our lives and boys and all the good stuff. (And maybe dancing to Technotronic...)

What a wonderful day! I really enjoyed documenting it all, so I can share it with you! I'll share the rest of the pictures of the trip in my mothly report. Thanks for stopping by <3
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