Apr 1, 2015

Thrifting in Berlin ~ Humana Sale Turmstraße

I went thrift shopping again. At Humana again. This time at Turmstraße. And one day before the store closed up, so everything was super cheap!

I got the week off, so I decided to ride my bike to the thrift store to do some early spring shopping. Actually I didn't expect much as it was a month long sale leading up to the store closing down for business. But they were really well stocked still, for closing up the next day at least. The only thing they were missing was dresses and men's clothing. I do love me some thrifty dress shopping, but oh well. I had planned on looking for fabrics mostly, but then I just bought a bunch of clothes to actually wear.
They even bothered to colour coordinate!
These are the clothes I put back after trying them on.

And these are the clothes I got. If you are curious to know what I got in specific you can check out my first Youtube Thrift Haul here:

Happy thifting!
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