Apr 23, 2015

Picturesque Month ~ 03'15

~ March means Spring is coming which means everthing turn green again. Early in March we went on our first jog of the year around the closeby lake by the Berlin Tegel airport. I was lucky enough to get this beautiful shot of the lakeside afterwards.
~ We also got ourselves some Greens for inside our apartment. My mom just moved and wanted to get rid of some of her bigger plants, so we gladly adopted them. Now we have a palm tree in our bedroom and another plant (no clue what it is exactly) next to our tv in our living room.

I've been working on my YouTube Channel a little bit doing a couple of videos in german. I did a two part video for a 90s kids questionaire, it was a video tag by the lovely Claudi from Pixeltrash3000. And the I did a thrift haul after going to an awesome thrift store sale. I don't know if this video making is just a phase or if I actually want to make this a part of my blog. I really enjoyed the thrift haul and will probably do more of those in german, because I would love to show young people here that thrift shopping can be so much fun and that it is much better than buying "throw-away" clothes at Primark, H&M and so on.

My new department at work is awesome! And not just because I get free movie tickets for the movies where we are distributors of the soundtrack. But that's definitely awesome as well! I got to see two Disney movies this month: Into the Woods and Cinderella. Into the Woods was really weird, the best part about that movie was actually Chris "Captain Kirk" Pine singing about his problems with the Cinderella chick. The actual Cinderella movie was so much better and very cute. I really enjoyed Richard "Robb Stark" Madden as Prince Charming and coincidentally I found a Cinderella magic wand at the thrift store for just 50c.

~ Remember building pillow and blanket forts as a kid? Well, we decided on doing just that and enjoying a lazy afternoon watching tv and eating junk food. So much fun! You should try it!
~ Got a new helmet to avoid another head injury while biking. And I took it out the next day to go thrift shopping on my day off. Too bad it was storming and raining pretty badly.
~ I did some re-fashioning this month. This flowy cardigan used to be a big ass night/dressing gown and if I get some proper outfit picture soon I can show you how I did it.

~ In other crafting news I took off our winter fir tree garland from the door and made an embroidery
hoop with a silly bunny rabbit and some easter eggs.
~ I also did my first ever amiguri. Meet Paul the Piggy!
~ Sneak Peek at my next big crafty project and possibly my own workshop at dawanda! Love Linocut.

~ I saw Talisco @ Lido and it was awesome. Their album was definitely one of the top albums last year and they had so much fun on stage it was catching! 5/5 Bazooka Points!
~ Then there was a secret gig of Mumford & Sons @ Magnet Club. I've never seen them live before, so seeing them in a small club probably didn't impress me as much as others, but it was a great atmosphere even though they only played their new songs. 4/5 Bazooka Points because of the stupid pillar standing in the middle of the club and obstructing my view!
~ As a kid we went to see all kinds of shows at Friedrichstadtpalast, some of them on ice. My mom really likes them and so I accompanied her to this Holiday on Ice Anniversary show. Lets's just say, it's more impressive when you're a kid! 2/5 Bazooka Points for sparking some childhood memories.
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