Mar 5, 2015

Our Thrifty &Crafty Wedding ~ Wedding Location Decoration/Transformation

Right after our first wedding at the registry office we headed to the location to decorate for our real wedding the next day. Our location was the beautiful restaurated barn of the Karow community. We got a really good deal because we used to live in the neighbourhood and they provided us with everything we needed like chairs, tables, plates, silverwear, glasses and even a sound system for our DJ! Originally we were supposed to use the upper smaller room for our celebration, because we wouldn't be able to clean up the place before service on Sunday, but exactly on that sunday the community met somewhere else and we had the whole place to ourselves! So lucky!

Well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves here, check out this transformation:

I had kindof aticipated this day to be a little less stressfull, but my head was ringing at the end of the day because everyone was calling my name all day long. "Anni, what should I do?","Anni, where does this go?","Anni, what's next?" and so on! And of course people never do things like you pictured them in your head, so I ran around fixing other people's "mistakes" mostly because I couldn't really express how I wanted things to look. That's really frustrating.

So here's all the deocaration and its origin:

Various Garlands ~ Crafted by me in some sleepless nights. I used old sheets from my fabric stack.
Pom Poms ~ Crafted by me and my bridesmaids during one of our Prep-brunches.
Candleholders & Lavender bouquets ~ Borrowed from a colleague who got married a couple of months after us. Thanks again <3
Candles, Paper Tablecloths, Napkins ~ Purchased at wholesale.
Flowers, Greens ~ From my parents garden.
Paper Flowers ~ You know... hours of crafting... and more crafting.
Buttons ~ From my crafts stack.
Vases & Jars ~ From my parents house/attic.
Water pitchers ~ Purchased at LIDL.
Wedding questionaire ~ Downloaded at Sweet Wedding Stuff & printed.
Nail Art ~ Crafted at a Dawanda Workshop.

Alright, now let's check out the professional photos. (The following pictures and the first picture are all from our wedding photographer Mateja Müller.)

Alright, we got a few decoration posts left and then you can finally see some actual wedding photos ;)

If you missed any of the earlier wedding posts, I have added a Wedding Page to the header of the blog. Have fun checking out my other projects!
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