Jan 3, 2016

La Galaxie de Noel ~ Star Wars Exhibit & DIY Fun at Lafayette Berlin

The Lafayette Mall in Berlin had a special Star Wars event a couple of weeks ago. I went there with my brother, who has shared my love for Star Wars since we were kids. They had a Stormtropper helmet design exhibit and various DIY and event stations throughout the Mall. It's a bit of a higher class Mall where you can buy all of the fanciest designer clothers and items, so not really a place for me unless there's a Star Wars event going on ;)

The middle of the Mall was decorated with a ton of lightsabers from top to bottom, looked pretty nice!

We started by checking out the Stormtrooper helmet exhibit, which surrounded the Light Saber decoration on the ground floor.There were some that were very nicely done, and then some that... weren't. I guess the beauty of art is always in the eye of the beholder. But see for yourself:

These last two helmets were my favorites! Very nicely done.

Various Star Wars merchandise was for sale around the Mall. Disney really didn't skimp on the merch with this franchise, you can pretty much buy anything Star Wars at the moment. I do admit that I give in to these temptations every now and then. For example we recently purchased some Star Wars tissue papers and a Star Wars Labyrinth game. But I'm pretty sure I don't need a Star Wars inspired leather jacket for 500€.

The first event we took part in was this BB-8 obstacle course run. I really adore BB-8! He's the cutest droid since R2D2 and one of my highlights of the new movie. So we got to steer the small toy version around these Stormtrooper and Yoda Candy Bowl Holders. It was harder than it seems! The head is connected via magnet and fell off a couple of times after going to fast. The remote is fairly easy to handle, but BB-8 likes to get stuck once your drive him into an object.

It was pretty fun to drive him though. And if you were able to finish the course you got a small surprise from the Mall promoters. My brother won a cup and I won a poster, you can see both a little further down this post. He gave me the cup as he's not that into merch.

The next station we visited was for DIY tote bag decoration. We had various stamps and stencils to decorate our tote bags for free. We spent a lot of time here, as I made 4 of them in total using all the different techniques.

Galaxy Macarons!

This next station was a little bit more prfessionally equipped, but you also had to buy a T-Shirt to participate. The goal was to decorate and pimp out that T-Shirt to win some sort of contest. Since we already spent so much time at the tote Bag station we skipped this one.

Then there was a station where you could get a manicure and free R2D2 and C3PO Nail Stickers. Of course I got me some of those.

And then our last stop was the photo station with one life size model Stormtrooper and a live Scout Trooper. I'm glad they let me go after taking the picture, but maybe they just didn't know that I'm a rebel!

Loved the Decoration! All in all it was a pretty good night and I'm glad I went.

~ Captain Phasma and Stormtrooper as window decoration.
~ Our loot from the BB-8 obstacle course. Love that poster, it's on our bathroom door.

And here's all the tote bags I decorated. My favorite is the BB-8 one of course. But I also like the bejewelled one with the pink stenciled characters and ships. I'm trying to find out where they got the big stamps, because those were pretty cool!

Alrighty, may the Force be with you!

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