Jan 8, 2016

Picturesque Month ~ 11'15

~ Getting more into my artsy side with this new Sherlock adult colouring book.
~ It's supposed to be really relaxing, being a bit of a perfectionist I'm actually a bit anxcious at times  to get the colouring right. I don't think that's the point ;)
~ Took part in a huge Foodsaving haul by Veganz, a vegan grocery chain here in Germany. On the one side I think it's great that they give away the food that is a bit behind the date of expiry, but on the other side it was awful to see that even a "green" organisation can produce so much waste.

~ I was invited to a musical Brunch at Lu's place and made a vegan pumpkin quiche as a contribution to the buffet.
~ And what a buffet it was. There were so many great dishes and a lot of them were either veggie oder even vegan as well. Very yummy, it was a great afternoon with good food and awesome music by Forest in his Heart.
~ We had our first snow! Couldn't resist putting my LEGO Wampa in it to resemble Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back.

~ You can buy everything Star Wars right now. So when I saw this Star wars version of my favorite boardgame Labyrith I just had to get it!
~ Even the music magazines are jumping on the Star Wars train.
~ A friend in Amrican sent me a package with a Star Wars mascara. I'll tell you, there's really everything Star Wars out there!

~ Sick of Star wars yet? I went to an Exhibit and DIY event at the Lafayette Mall in Berlin.
Loved these bejewelled Stormtrooper helmets!
~ The husband finally got his wish and bought a Playstation 4. We even got it on Sale during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. People in Germany don't even celebrate Thanksgiving, but we're still doing all the sales... consumerism wins.

~ Speaking of Thanksgiving. We had a really quiet one this year just for the two of us. We made it a seafood and mostly veggie meal, because I don't eat meat.
~ Made a blackberry pie as a request from the husband and decorated it with a dinosaur crust. I got some cool dinosaur cookie cutters and used those to make it an awesome pie!
~ Pie and Ice Cream, duh! The husband is lactose intolerant, but we couldn't find any vegan one.

~ Saw the hilarious Dylan Moran live! I loved him in Black Books and after seeing Bill Bailey a couple of months ago I was really hoping to see him live as well. As funny as he is his humour is extremely dark at times with topics like depression and addiction. 4/5 Bazooka points for brutal honesty.
~ The only concert in November was Of Monsters and Men. 4/5 Bazooka Points for a folky rock event.
~Another comedy show this month was Bastian Pastewka, a german comedian doing a live audio book reading of a criminal case about Paul Temple. 3/5 Bazooka Points for scripted jokes, but an overall entertaining experience. (Loved all the live sound effects.)
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