May 16, 2016

Picturesque Month ~ 03'16

~ I finally own all of the Hobbit movies! Didn't even buy the last one on BluRay, because I wanted to wait for the Extended Bos Set.
~ Went to another Dawanda Blogger event, this time it was all about diy weddings! I'm an expert on those! Wore my flower crown from my own wedding.
~ I was being a little sickly, so I cuddled up on the couch with a hot cinnamon/honey (oat)milk and watched Cinderella. I love that movie! Them Richard Madden legging buns <3
I got to visit my former home Munich for a business trip to the German "Schlager"-Convention where our German Pop label presents all of their hot new musicians and hits. It not really my kind of music, but the experience was really interesting in a surreal way. I spent most of the evening chatting with colleagues and artists and met some of the guys from Faun, a medival folk band, who were hilarious!
~ DJ Ötzi & Nik P. presented their new party hit "Geboren um dich zu lieben"(Born to love you)
~ Klubbb3, the German version of a pop supergroup ~ "Du schaffst das schon"(You can do it)
~ Alex Diehl, actually a pretty decent singer songwriter, I think he actually got the most attention of all the acts, because he was just so refreshingly authentic.

~ Got to spend the next day wandering around Munich before my flight home and found this really cool thrift store called Vinty's, that I'm going to add to my list of my favorite thrift stores in Munich. They have a lot of high quality vintage clothing, a bit more pricy than the regular store, but very well selected items.
~ A view inside the thrift store, so many pretty and colourful "Dirndl", traditional bavarian dresses.
~ I also visited the Item Shop for the first time ever. They have so much cool stuff, including this "lifesize" Tardis and Doctor.

~ I really liked their shop window decoration. They had a few of these "modern fossils" by Heartless Machine.
~ The entire shop was filled with wonderfully nerdy and geeky stuff and the interior design definitely is a big part of that. The decoration and items was beautifully set up and if I had more space in my carry one luggage I would definitely have been tempted to buy something!
~ So much colourful candy at the Comic Con in Leipzig!

~ I was pretty sick when we went to Leipzig, but we had already booked the train and hotel and paid for the tickets and I still wanted to go. We even booked a fancy hotel for the occasion and I was a bit sad that I couldn't enjoy the spa area.
~ Look at all that fancyness! We usually travel very low budget, but this time we wanted to treat ourselves, because we're probably not having a big vacation this year.

~ Thank Goodness the Comic Con had a "tea house" with free green tea. I spent most of our second con day there in hopes to cure my cold... too bad I couldn't really enjoy myself too much there.

~ The dearest Claudi from Pixeltrash3000 visited us in Berlin again, this time with her new beau Maxi from The Final Stage Show. We were going to have a Hobbit marathon, but we didn't even really make it through the first movie...
~ We also went to this really cute candy shop together that had sweets from all around the world. So much yummyness!

~ Oh yeah, easter happened as well. I did a bit of window decoration, but it's not my favorite holiday, I just like bunnies.
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