Jun 22, 2016

Our Thrifty & Crafty Wedding ~ Finding "The Dress", Handmade Flower Crowns & All about the Bride(smaids)

Finding the perfect dress for the wedding wasn't too easy as I had a very specific idea in mind and actually found my perfect dress pretty early on, but getting that was not an option. I found this dress on etsy, but it was too risky to order a dress in the states, especially because of shipping, customs and alterations in case it wouldn't fit right.
My inspiration were definitely the Empire style dresses from Jane Austen's movies set in the Regency era like this one. So I looked out for an empire style dress, but the ones I found were all kind of lacking the wow factor (too simple, too much lace, meh). And making it myself would have been too risky as well, as I'm not that good of a seamstress.
 So when I actually went to a bridal store and they said that they would be able to custom tailor any dress I want and tried on a dress with an empire waist I knew I would just have to have them tailor my perfect dress. So, I know it's bad to knock off someone else's design, but since that design was inspired by the excact same design that I wanted, the Regency era style dress and there was no way that I would buy a dress on the other side of the world to ship to Germany, I thought it was ok. And I couldn't have been happier with the way it turned out!

Of course there had to issues with this dress as well. I got super excited when they told me that the dress was done and I could try it on for the first time for possible adjustments. So when I got there with my whole entourage they basically told me, just kidding, there has been a delay, try again next week (why couldn't they tell me this on the phone?)... next week was two weeks before the wedding date. So I was quite nervous coming in the second time with a much smaller entourage, cause no-one was available. And guess what, the dress was finally there. But I knew something was off, when I first saw it, it looked huge! Trying it on I noticed there must have been a big mistake with the measurements, because the dress was at least 5 sizes too big around (but the arm holes were the right measurement). I got noticably super nervous and then angry and asked if they could adjust this within one week. They totally fucked up, but tried to cover it up by telling me I lost too much weight... uh huh... I did lose some weight, but not 5 sizes worth of weight!
So by this time I was in full bridezilla mode and said fuck it, I'm off the diet, which made the dress a bit too small when I tried it on after adjustment a week later. But the week before the wedding was too stressful to eat anyways, so all was fine on the day of the wedding. Too much excitement!

Alright, now to the headgear:

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures, we made the flower crowns for me and my bridesmaids at a DIY workshop in the Dawanda Snuggery. This workshop came just in time, because I wasn't sure about what I was going to wear for hair decoration. My dear blogger friend Lu made a video tutorial on how to make these crowns. It's in german, but there are tons of other tutorials out there.

We were also unsure about the bridesmaids dresses. I was actually against choosing one dress for all of my ladies and was more looking for a similar style dress in multiple colours, but then we found thie perfect dress in an off white with a gorgeous flower band around the waist that would suit all of my girls. And they were only 25€ at C&A. So we were all set for the big day!


Didn't we look lovely? I'm glad we didn't have any trouble with the bridesmaids dresses and everyone was happy with the choice, but then again, I didn't make them wear anything terrible like this.

More Picture spam:


And now for some sillyness:

Silly faces!

Ah, so much fun! I made all of my lovely ladies a photobook of all the planning and crafting fun, our bachelor/bachelorette boattrip, the wedding and a batch of old time fun. It took almost two years to distribute these, but when you grow up it becomes harder to see all of your loved ones on a regular basis, because we are all living our own lives. But that doesn't make them any less special to me.
Here's to my beautiful girls <3
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