Sep 17, 2016

Picturesque Month ~ 08'16

~ The new Harry Potter book came out! I read it all the way through in one evening, but to be honest I was a little underwhelmed. It was great to go back to Hogwarts with a new generation of wizards, but the story felt a little bit off. I'm pretty sure I would still love the play as it's not supposed to be a written story, but a played out one.
~ A new addition to our record shelf: The Star Wars - The Force Awakens Soundtrack on vinyl. What's special about this vinyl is that it has a holographic 3D image etched into it, so when it spins you can see the Millenium Falcon and a Tie Fighter pop up like magic! (The husband also wanted me to point out that he made the X-Wing on top of the record player btw.)
~Speaking of nerdy stuff: How cool are these back to school supplies? Found them at a supermarket and as I used to be a science geek I love the periodic table design. 16 year old me would have been super stoked to own any of those gadgets.

~ Went to my favorite thrift store again. It's the one that's in our wedding location in Karow, a bit more outside of the city and a real insider tip for thrifting addicts! The prices are incredible and I always find some really cool vintage treasures and other kooky stuff.
~ They pretty much offer anything second hand except for furniture and I love the look of the location as it is set in an old barn. I was actually going to take some pictures for a blog post finally and took my camera with me. But I forgot my memory card in my laptop...
~ These were my thrift finds: two dresses, two shirts and a brand spanking new Harry Potter Cluedo (seriously, it even had all the pieces still in their punch out cardboard thingies!). The Cluedo was the "most expensive" item at 2€... I told you, this thrift store is awesome! Too bad they only open about once a month on the weekend.

Have you checked out my report on the DIY Blogger workshop with Viking yet? I had so much fun with those girls and we did some awesome crafts:
Screenprinting & Calligraphy!

~ So glad I went to the Pure&Crafted Festival again this year. Last year was a spontaneous ball of fun and since I knew the lovely Lu would be there again I got myself a ticket for both festival days. 
~ Of course we had to visit our crazy friends at the Motodrom again. That show was still soo exhilarating!
~ I'll drink to that! Whiskey Sour's my favorite. They even had a Cherry &Apple whiskey sour, yum!

~ The music at this festival was actually secondary for me as I really loved the vibe and atmospere as much as the last year, and of course, the charming company! One of the musical highlights was actually a smaller act on friday afternoon: Tim Vantol, a dutch singer-songwriter who can fill a large venue with his voice even without a mic. Very impressive!
~ Room with a view: The outside area was mostly for the motorbike exhibits, the so called Wheels Area.
~ Another highlight was Noel Gallagher & his band The High Flying Birds. Especially because the atmosphere was so perfect with the sun going down on the open air stage, like I said before, the music was almost secondary.
~ Oh my Goodness: Another clear highlight of the festival was the live punk rock karaoke. After Lu proved her talent on friday night I had a whole day to think about it and when my colleague Sarah proposed singing a song together I heard myself say: Sure, why not. Say whaaaaat? And we did it! We sang Mr Brightside by The Killers and it was awesome!
~ It was really a great experience to stand on a stage in front of so many people with a whole band in the back and a friend by your side <3
~ All in all it was another extraordinary festival weekend with lots of lovely people, good music and fun&drinks. I'll have the same again next year, please!

~ Another great concert experience was an acoustic gig by Skinny Lister at the Ramones Museum. I loved their opening act at the Frank Turner concert in January and this time was no different!
~ They even played one song in the middle of the audience, talk about close encounters! 5/5 Bazooka Points for one sweaty fun mess!
~ There's a new Banh Mi place in town and they had a fun opening party with free sandwiches and Tiger beer. That's what I call a fine way to end a Monday!
~ My pal Sophie was in town for some wedding dress shopping (spoiler: we found one!) and on the way to a fantasy Film Fest movie showing we found a moose. So we took a photo ;)
~ A tribute to Rob from Threadbanger. If you know him, you know what this is about.
~ The Dresden Dolls got back together for a show in New York. I was asleep during the show, so I watched the recorded stream on my second screen at work the next day. That's what the second screen is for, right? I wish they would come together for more shows, so I could see them again! 4/5 Bazooka Points for only being on screen...
~ The beautiful Imany came to our offices to showcase a couple of songs from the new album. 4/5 Bazooka Points for still being breathtaking even though she had a cold.
~ One of my highlights for next month! I got invited to the Bridget Jones's Baby premiere!!! OMG, so exciting!
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