Apr 12, 2013

FFF - Picturesque Friday

The best way to learn photography is to take pictures. That's why I'm joining Steffi on her blog ohhhmhhh.de for the "Question-Photo-Friday" (Frage-Foto-Freitag) and answer her question with the following photographs:

Something exciting?

Something new?

Something beautiful?

Something flowery?

Something very dear to you on you desk?

I hope I'll manage to so this every week from now on. Got to bring my camera every day and take loads of pictures!

1 comment:

  1. sehr schöne fotos! *.* dein blog ist so toll, deine fotos sind beeindruckend! *.*
    wenn du zeit und lust hast, schau bei mir vorbei und wir könnten dem anderen folgen, was meinst du? :) ich würde mich über deinen kommi sehr freuen! :)


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