Apr 7, 2013

All things LEGO & an Accessories Collection

Last weekend the man and I took our long awaited trip to Legoland in Günzburg, Bavaria. We had bought the tickets about 3 weeks in advance because it was so much cheaper. Of course if you book a date you have to go not matter what the weather is like. So we went on a 2 hour trainride in freezing temperature and snow on easter sunday.
Thanks to the weather the park was not very busy, but also half of the rides were closed due to the snow... Luckily most of the opened during the day when the snowing stopped. I swear I even saw a second of sun.

Well, I won't bore you with further explanations, here some pictures:

They had a whole area just for Star Wars Legos. The force is strong in this one!

Is this the Droid you're looking for?

Lego City Berlin! <3

Yap, that was Legoland. They say it's the most kid friendly Amusement Park in Germany, but I can tell you, there is a lot of fun to be had at Legoland for the kid at heart grown-up as well.

I was wearing a hair clip made from LEGOs that day and got complimented on it. A lady asked if I bought it at he park, but no, I had made it myself. It was the red one in the following picture.
This reminded me of doing something like a LEGO accessories collection.

Here we go:

This collection will be part of my "One Year of Blogging" Give Away soon! So watch out!

PS: Check out all these funky geeky crafts at the Nerd'n'Geek Linkparty <3
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