Apr 21, 2013

Spring Festival Fleamarket

Yesterday was the Red Cross fleamarket in Munich. It takes place on the Theresienwiese, the area where the Oktoberfest is. It's the biggest fleamarket in Bavaria and this was my third time. Sadly it was also the first time that the weather was shit, so it wasn't as big and well visited as usual. We still had a good time despite he drizzle and annoyed sellers.
Here's some impressions:

You can never have enough antlers or crucifixes! Actually Ken bought a crucifix. It's for sacrilegious purposes, don't worry. He's already started to work on it and the results will be shown here.

He paid 10€ for the thing and thus spent more than I did all day! That never happens! But I did get pretty lucky rightaway.
Since it was raining/drizzling & cold all day, some sellers just took off, leaving their stuff behind. Score! I always feel a little bad, rummaging through the "trash" like that, but not too much to leave cool stuff behind.
Like this awesome suitcase:

Just needs a little bit of cleaning up and then it's ready for... something. I will figure out something to do with it eventually.
Also found a bunch of VHS Tapes, which are very useful for my new crocheting hobby, news on this very soon.

Speaking of Tape, do you remember these cassette tape storages? I do!

Super useful for my cassette tape collection.

Last but not least, a stamp set & the only thing I bought at the fleamarket (50cents). Most of them still work, at least after letting them soak it water for a second.

This fleamarket is definitely a must-see for people living in Munich and visitors. If it's your first year in Munich, this is the best place to fill your apartment with stuff of need and just stuff for very cheap!
I guess you could also visit the Spring Festival (Mini-Oktoberfest) right next to it. But who really needs overpriced beer and rides twice a year.
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