Apr 11, 2013

Once Upon a Time - Apartment Therapy

I've been watching the ABC fantasy drama "Once Upon a Time" recently. I'm terrible at explaining plots, so here's the wikipedia entry.
This series definitely got me hooked. The problem with starting to watch a series when you're sick and browsing for stuff to watch ist that once you're hooked and then not sick anymore there's no time to watch it anymore. The man's not impressed, so I have to wait for the weekend or "game night" to watch my shows.

Anyways, one thing that's really inspiring on the show is the character Snow White's apartment. It's so beautiful and I wish I had her kitchen!
You see a lot of brick walls, vintage furniture, rustic charm, industrial influences in lifestyle & living blogs/magazines, but Snow White's place has got it all.

I found a blog with a bunch of pictures on this Fan Site.

You can also see a small part of her place in this video. I watched it on mute in case of Spoilers!

We'll probably move soon, so I'll be watching out for the perfect apartment to decorate inspired by Snow White in Once Upon a Time.
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