Mar 17, 2013

New Projects coming up

This weekend was not very productive. I've started my yearly fasting week and that's not the time to be super active, especially at the beginning. But there's still time to think about upcoming projects like the following:

The infamous galaxy print. I'll try my luck with these fake converse. They're for the man.
I'll pick out a tutorial over here.

Also for the man, a couple of shirts that need some cool prints. The mermaid is for the striped shirt, which we got at a thrift store in Paris. Because you have to get a striped shirt in Paris! Stencils are tough though, so I might have the man cut them out. You know how it's done, like this.

And then there's the making of pretty flower pots. They need to dry right now, so I can't plant anything yet, but as soon as I can, the'll be on here as well.

Yep, that's it for now. I think I really have to stay off pinterest and other blogs for this week, because it doesn't help with fasting when you see mouthwatering food everywhere.
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