Mar 3, 2013

Spring Shaving

Instead of Spring cleaning? Nah, there's still time for that.
I found a neat sweater dress at a flea market a while back, but wasn't wearing it, because it was full of pilling. I tried to get rid of it with tape roller, packing tape and duct tape, but nothing worked. Until I found this blog post on How to de-pill your clothing. So this weekend I got my shaver out, wiped off the dust from the winter time (ah-ha-ha-haa) and started to shave my sweater dress.

This is how it looked like before:

So much pilling. The white pilling from the dots was the worst.

You can see the progress! So cool.

And here's the finished product.

It looks so much better. Almost new again. You have to be really careful with the shaving though, so you don't make holes in your clothing.

Yay, it's pretty again. So if you got a piece of clothing that is full of pilling, but is worth the time, do it! Also good to know when you go thrifting. There's always a way to make old thing look pretty again.
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