Jul 6, 2013

Popped some tags at the Thrift Shop

I guess thrifting is going mainstream if there are "rap" songs about it. I'm definitely all for it, because in this consumer world there should be more people buying second hand than from IKEA, H&M & Co. I'm just back from a trip to my favorite thrtift store in Munich, the Weißer Rabe (check my page about thrifting for details). We're moving away from Munich soon so I wanted to go there at least one more time. Also a friend of mine from Berlin requested an illustrated book on Munich, because she visited last summer and would like a reminder of all the beautiful places here.

Here's my thrift finds:

This food processor beauty is actually not from the thrift store, it's a thrift swap! There's a swapping page on facebook similar to the "Give it away" page, but instead of just giving it away you swap it. I swapped the machine for a package of coffee and diapers. Sounds weird? It was! Especially buying the diapers made me feel super uncomfortable. Yeah... (15€ in coffee&diapers)

My obsession from my childhood: The little Vampire. I own almost all the books and tapes from this series and check the children's section everytime if there are any copies I don't own yet. But of course I never know if I got them already, so I just buy them all. (1€ each)

There were a couple of illustrated books on Munich, but I liked this one the best. I hope my friend will like it as well. I think it's from the late 70s, so the images are not quite up to date but it makes it pretty special and kind of hilarious given the outfits people are wearing. (2€)

Cute cupcake postcard set. I will probably use these for a special occasion real soon. (1,50€)

And last but not least I got this Rapunzel Barbie curtain that I'm going to use as a cloth for a long dress, I think. (2€)

I also got some Jeans shorts for the future husband for 2€, but he put them on immeadiately (over his sweat pants) and I will spare you that image.

If you got some awesome thrift finds, fell free to comment with a link to you blog, if you want!
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