Jul 8, 2013


Sometimes life is full of goodness. I feel like I'm winning life right now. I've got a loving future husband. We are both moving back to Berlin in a couple of weeks. We found an awesome apartment wand got to sign the contract within 5 days. We both got jobs starting in August.#winning

Of course some of you are also winners. I sent out mails to the lucky winners of my Give-Away this weekend. Congratulations!

Aaand I won a Workshop in Hamburg with with Eco-Designer Julia Starp. The Give-Away was hosted by Otto, an online-shop für fashion, furniture & more. You were supposed to send in a picture of an accesoire item that was upcycled/recycled & I applied with my Crochet VHS-Tape Clutch.
The workshop will take place on the 27th of July and I'll definitely report on that as soon as we're settled in Berlin.

So long & thanks for all the fish(tofu).

Steph and Daniel from the awesome geek/make-up blog Huitième Art are celebrating their 400th follower & having a Give-Away as well. Stop by here to participate and definitely check out their blog as well!

(trip to the Sylvenstein barrier lake with friends this weekend, trying to experience as much of munich & bavaria while I'm still here)
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