Feb 10, 2014

Framed Chalkboard DIY

Our kitchen has been missing a chalkboard/bulletin board for a while now. It's just nice to be able to leave a note/picture to the loved one or write down some items for the next shopping trip.Of course we have a fridge to put up notes, concert tickets and such with magnets, but it's not at eye level, so important things could be missed. I searched ebay for a used chalkboard, but no success, there were quite a few chalkboards, but they were either already gone or or too big. Most of my inquiries weren't even answered, which is pretty annoying. So we took matters in our own hands.

I decided to go with adhesive chalkboard foil instead of chalkboard paint, because it is easily removeable, easy to handle and much cheaper. The frame foils are from last years secret santa with the girls. We had a recycle secret santa where everyone brought something they don't use (anymore), but is still good or even new. I think they're from Ikea originally. I used the big frame, that's made up of 2 L shapes and used 4 of them to create a square shape.
The chalkboard foil is very easy to cut and mine even had graph paper on the back so you're able to cut a straight line without using a ruler.
I lined up the 4 L shaped frame foils around the square chalboard foil. The only way to do this with the ikea frames I used was to overlap the two ends of each L with the next one, otherwise the foils do not align.
The future husband got to draw on our new chalkboard first. Too bad I had to wipe off the cute dinosaur to prepare the chalkboard for the obligatory instagram post:

Well, I'm pretty sure there are more dinosaurs and other silly things to come. Looking forward to the fun this chalkboard will bring us.

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