Feb 3, 2014

Picturesque Month ~ 01'14

Remember the Picturesque Friday? Well, Steffi from Ohhh...Mhhh... decided that it's time for new features for her blog and sacked it. But I'll revive the picture sharing by giving you a review of the past month every month (if I remember).
Let's start it off with some Sherlock Goodness:

~ no better way to start off the new year by watching the new episode of Sherlock Season 3
~ the future husbands christmas gift coupon needed to be cashed in and we got ourselves the Sherlock Cluedo, so far Mycroft has always been the killer
~ because Cumberbatch in HD, that's why

~ what would Bazooka Crafts be without its crafts, check out the awesome chrochet snowflake garland I made for wintertime
~ the Christmas tree needed to go, so turned it into some Space Invaders
~ I made my very own LSP cuddle pillow, making of coming soon

~ wintertime sunset view over the subway station and the Berlin airport from our balcony
~ my favorite winter fruits: lychees
~ my very own weirwood; the future husband and I are huge fans of game of thrones (books+show)

~ Berlin is pretty ugly in winter, or is it ugly pretty? At Schlesisches Tor.
~ icy river Spree and a glimpse of my work building
~ opposite view of the river, nicest bridge in town I think. At Oberbaumbrücke.

~ our windows in froze last week when it was -15°C, looked pretty cool

All in all my January was pretty uneventful, shoulda coulda done more, especially in preparation for our wedding in June, but I'm still sort of calm about that.

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