Apr 21, 2014

Handmade Save The Dates

We've had a bit of trouble finding a date and place for the wedding, but as soon as we knew when and where it was going to take place we got crafty with our Save The Dates. The stamp you see above was designed by the future husband and me and then carved out by me. It's a pretty awesome design I would say. If we stole it unknowingly please let me know! And if you want to recreate it for non-private use, please let me know as well. If you recreate it for private use it would be awesome if you link back to this post. Sorry for the formalities, but I've never really designed something like this.

The image for our Save The Date is this nail art heart from a Dawanda workshop last year and I used these keyboard keys from my one and only What to do with it Wednesday so far. The idea just came to me one day and I loved the way it turned out. Especially because you have to think a bit to figure it out.

I printed out the images at our local drugstore and made a paper frame using a special punch cutter.

Then I used the stamp and a black ink pad to add the Save The Date imprint.

And there we have the final Save The Date card. Most of them I tried to hand out in person, some I mailed with the christmas post and the rest got sent out with the invitations a couple of weeks ago. Will share those with you as soon as possible.
It's kind of hard keeping up with the blog posts regularly with all the wedding planning going on, but I'll try my best! Cheerio.
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