Apr 1, 2014

Handpainted Tetris Shoes

Sometimes I have the Tetris theme stuck in my head, and not just when I'm organizing things. Tetris is probably the ultimate boredom game. I used to play it on my graphic calculator on my way to school when I was in high school, that's the only game I ever put on there, my class mates had all kinds of games installed, but I was just fine with the good old Tetris.
Tetris shapes are also a great design for shoes I thought and got to work with a pair of slip ons that I thrifted a while back.

At first I tried to bleach them to get a white canvas to paint on, but the paint proved to be more powerful than the bleach.

So I just painted them black, it's too bad you can see the "hashtags" through the black paint, but oh well. To know where and how to paint the different Tetris shapes I used a ruler to sketch some graph lines directly on the shoes. And then I painted:

I think they turned out mighty fine!
And if I get bored on the way to work my shoes remind me of the good old pastime Tetris.

This post will be part of Nina's Upcycling Tuesday and the Creadienstag. 

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