Apr 14, 2014

Origami Wedding Flowers

We're in the middle of planning for our wedding end of June this year. A big part of our wedding decoration will of course be self made. I found these wonderful handmade wedding centerpieces on Pinterest and wanted to make something just like them for my centerpieces! Instead of paper sheets from normal books I will use old maps and sheet music for my handmade flowers.
Here's how they're made:

You start with 5 sheets of square paper, any size you want and fold them to a triangle.

Fold up one of the slimmer corners of the triangle to the wide corner on top.

Then fold up the other side exactly the same.

Then you press down on the fold on both sides, flattening them out so the fold on the corner touches the fold of the diamond shape you created a step ahead.

Like so!

Fold down the tips like shown above.

And fold the two outer shapes inside, so they're cut in half.

Bend the diamond shape so the two halfs you just folded meet in the middle side by side. Now you either connect them with a paper clip like I did or you glue them together.
Now you have one flower petal!

Create 4 more of these flower petals to make a full flower.

They're connected by the sides either with paper clips or more glue.
And there's your flower!

Of course the amounts of petals in a flower and the sizes can vary like in the picture above. Now imagine I only have to make 58 more of these... I will have some help of course by my beautiful bridesmaids. We'll have a craft party soon just for the making of more of these flowers. Can't wait to see how they look like done with sheet music.

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