Aug 26, 2016

Picturesque Month ~ 07'16

~ Cherry-Pickin' fun at my dad's place.
~ Blogging in the sun. It was too warm though, so I made myself a sun sail.
~ I was finally blogging about the Harry Potter inspired baby gift I made for a colleague.

~ We want to make it a tradition to visit a castle for every anniversary. Our second wedding anniversay was spent at the castle hotel Ziesar, a ten minute walk from the actual castle.
~ Our canopy bed at the hotel had a mirror on the ceiling. We didn't know it was that kind of a hotel ;)
~ Castle tower selfie. It was 10€ to go up... no thanks.
~ Sushi Goodness!
~ More homegrown fruit & veggies. Can't wait to have a garden myself!
~ Used a lot of crafting-glue for my latest DIY: My new Adventure Time phone case!

~ We went on a day trip to Szeczin in Poland aka Wodka Heaven! Only bought two bottles though ;)
~ Super cute streetart at the haven to the baltic sea. Sea bear <3
~ Szeczin is a really pretty seaport with lots of beautiful buildings and tiny alleyways. Definitely worth a daytrip, as it's only a 2 hour drive from Berlin.

~ Friends of mine started their own Podcast Flimmerfeen this year where they talk about tv series from the 80s and 90s. They already talked about a couple of cool series in the past months and when they asked which series they should talk about next I said: The X-Files! And then they invited me to come on to the podcast to talk about The X-Files with them.
~Obviously I said YES! <-- It's in German, check it out!
~ I was so inspired by the episode that I began with a DIY to show my love of The X-Files. Hoping to post that this weekend.

~ Stand up Paddling! It's a lot of fun, but each time I do it I loose my sunglasses. Lost my second pair already...
~ Fleamarket Time! It's been a while since my last (and first) fleamarket experience and I've collected a lot of material, mostly clothes, to sell in this time.
~ We were 4 girls this time at the Prinzessinnengarten, an urban gardening facility. It was a gorgeous venue, but way too hot of a day. I think that's why we didn't sell all too well and I gave the majority of my leftovers away for free. Good thing I wasn't in it for the money.

~ Worked on my X-Files DIY some more.
~ The husband and I went to an adult night at the LEGO Discovery Center in Berlin. Lotsa fun! See that giant Hagrid? Amazing brickwork.
~ MMMmmmMMM LEGO cupcakes.

~ Visited our dearest Claudi from Pixel Trash 3000 who moved in with her boyfriend Maxi from The Final Stage Show. They moved near Osnabrück, which is a really cute city in western Germany (5 hour busride...). Too bad they got infected with the Pokemon Go virus ;)
~ Beautiful building next to the local castle, which is also the town university.
~ Pope is Gangster!
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