Oct 21, 2013

12 Days of Halloween ~ 2 Faced Suit

On the second day of Halloween my true love gave to me:

1 Hounted Castle
and a 2 Faced Suit

We bought the future husband a shiny suit from the second hand store and were planning to bleach half of it to make it look like it fell into acid like Two Face from the Batman Universe. It turns out that not all cloth is able to be bleached, so what happened after I drenched half of the suit jacket in bleach? Nothing!

So now we had to figure out a different way to alter half of the suit.

And here's what he did:

He used three different cans of spray paint. A white on eas a base and then yellow and orange to get the acid look going on. Not too much work, but smelly if you use the spray paint outside.

For our Halloween Party this last Saturday I painted half of his face with various make up and theatre face paint to get the whole Two Face look.

The elephant hat is for the future husbands Halloween party at his Kindergarten. Too bad he's got bronchitis and won't be able to go..

Happy Halloween! And good night out there, whatever you are.


  1. Ach, so ein Mist das mit dem Bleichen. Sowas wirft einen immer zurück. Vielleicht arbeitet man da doch mit dem Film-Two-Face-Anzug von Nolan. Das kriegt man sicher mit deckender Stoffmalfarbe u.ä. hin. Gespannt bin ich aber besonders aufs Make-up, also bitte auf dem Laufenden halten ;)
    LG Kerstin // fancrafts.blogspot.de

  2. ...und trotzdem finde ich eure Version klasse geworden! Super Kostümidee!! Ich bin auch sehr gespannt, wie das zum Schluss aussieht... ;)
    Gruselgrüße, Lici


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