Oct 22, 2013

12 Days of Halloween ~ 3 Eyed Carved Pumpkin

On the third day of Halloween my true love gave to me:

1 Hounted Castle
A 2 Faced Suit
And a 3 Eyed Carved Pumpkin

What's Halloween without a carved pumpkin? I've always loved to cut a gruesome face into a beautiful pumpkin head. Even though we didn't really have the trick or treat walkarounds when I was a kid I've always been fascinated with the horror and fantasy around this holiday. And the pumpkin is the most recognisable symbol for this spooky time of the year.

I always start by cutting a zig zag pattern with a long and sharp knife to create a lid for the head.

Then I carve out all the pumpkin brains. I saved the pumpkin seeds and put them in the oven for about half an hour to dry with some spices and salt for a quick snack.
I always carve out the edible pumpkin flesh as well. I know that a lot of people don't do this when they carve a pumpkin for decorations, but I think that is such a waste of an edible vegetable. The flesh is good for a yummy pumpkin soup like the one displayed on the bottom of this post.

The actual carving design of the pumpkin is up to you. I chose to carve three triangular eyes with pupils, two slits for a nose and two connected zig zag patterns as a wide mouth.
I placed the pumpkin outside on the balcony rightaway, put a candle in its belly and lighted the candle to make it feel warm inside. And to give us a great view when looking outside in the dark. Doesn't it look handsome next to our castle?

I bid you farewell now. Happy Halloween & good night out there, whatever you are...
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