Oct 22, 2013

12 Days of Halloween ~ 4 Spooky Spiderwebs

On the fourth day of Halloween my true love gave to me:

1 Hounted Castle
A 2 Faced Suit
A 3 Eyed Carved Pumpkin
And 4 Spooky Spiderwebs

I got this idea from pinterest (where else?) and traced it back to the wonderful design and diy blog How About Orange. All you need for these playgrounds of your favorite creepy crawlers are trashbags, preferably black or another dark colour.

The first thing you have to do is to cut off the sides off the trashbags and try to make a square. This way you can do 2 spiderwebs at a time.

Next you fold up the square 3 times until you're left with this shape. Then you can draw one 8th of your spiderweb, it's totally up to you which size it will be and how thick the web is, just like when you make a snowflake craft.

You can cut away the most part of the trashbag now and the result should look something like this.

And the end result then looks something like this.
Repeat this process for multiple spiderwebs. I created 4 in total as the post title suggests.

Now you just have to hang them up in spiderweb-appropriate places. If you've been lazy with the dusting this diy is probably not interesting for you as you already have pretty realistic halloween decorations on your walls.

Happy Halloween & good night out there, whatever you are!

This post will be part of Nina's Upcycling Tuesday and the Creadienstag.

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