Oct 1, 2013

The Long Night of DIY @ Dawanda Snuggery

I've been to yet another workshop. It was the long night of diy this saturday, an event that originates from the long night of museums where museums are open late into the night. Of course the lovely people from Dawanda thought of this and had their very own event at their workshop/store, the Snuggery. There were actually three different workshops. Our first and favorite one was:
Stamp Carving

I made 12 stamps in total, because they're just so easy and fun to make. They're actually made out of erasers which is very easy to carve and cut. I definitely have to get me a set of carving tools. It's someting I'd enjoy very much to do at home. You never know when you need a stamp!

After writing or painting the desired stamp image/word on the eraser (don't forget to write mirrored letters) I used the thin carving tool to cut out the excess eraser parts outside the writing.

With the bigger tool you can get rid off the outer bit to avoid side prints. Side prints can also look really cool though if you take a look at my cocktail a few pictures up.

My friend Romie was with me again and she made quite a few stamps herself. One of my favorites was the BagUP! stamp for her sister's developing project where she makes bags out of recycled plastic shopping bags.

The second station was:
Screen Printing

We each got to print on a tote bag. It was too bad that the prints were pre-made already and there were only two to choose from. This way the time spent at this station was limited to the few minutes it took to print on the bag and blow dry it a bit.

The third station was:
Friendship Bracelets Knotting...
There are no pictures of this station, because, frankly, we thought it was boring... sorry.

But there also was a photo booth station.. YAY

Lot's of props to choose from!

Fun, fun fun! Thanks to Dawanda for hosting this lovely evening of crafting & eating & chatting with fellow crafters. See you soon.
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