Oct 20, 2013

12 Days of Halloween ~ 1 Haunted Castle

On the 1st day of Halloween my true love gave to me:

1 Haunted Castle

For this gruesome castle you need the following tools and materials:
1 cardboard box (one side of the boy, anyways)
1 cardboard cutter
a black marker
reddish/brown paint
black paint
a paint brush

I can't draw very well so I asked the future husband to draw me up a castle on one side of the packaging of our new tv. Then I used the cutter to cut out the castle and the windows and door within.

I used some reddish/brown paint to colour the roofs and added a bit of black paint to colour the hill a more dark brown. With the black paint I painted around the windows to give them some depth.
I added tiles to the roof, bricks to the walls and grass to the hill with a permanent marker.

The castle looks really nice in our big livingroom window, facing the balcony. A stormy and rainy night like the one in this shot adds to the spookyness as well.

The back of the castle was coloured with black paint to cover up all the packaging prints on the cardboard, so the castle looks awesome from inside and outside.

And here's a daytime shot. A little less gruesome looking, but stll very pretty.

Happy Halloween! And a good night out there, whatever you are!
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