Oct 31, 2013

12 Days of Halloween ~ 6 6 6 Devilish Dips

On the sixth day of Halloween my true love gave to me:

1 Hounted Castle
A 2 Faced Suit
A 3 Eyed Carved Pumpkin
4 Spooky Spiderwebs
5(0) Shades of Orange
And 6 6 6 Devilish Dips

That's not even true. It's only 2 Dips I made... and the photos I took didn't turn out very well at all so you get an old instagram picture from one of our game nights.

200g cooked chick peas
30g dark tahini paste
1tbs lemon juice
1/2ts ground cumin
1/ts sea salt
40ml water

Throw all ingredients in a mixer/food processor and you're done!

150g antipasti artichokes in oil
40g dried tomatoes in oil
240g cashews or cashew paste
70ml water
black pepper as needed

Throw all ingredients together again. Wroom wroooom. You got a lovely dip.

Serve both chips with corn chips or bread or veggie sticks. Whatever floats your boat.
Happy Halloween & good night out there. Whatever you are!
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