Nov 3, 2013

12 Days of Halloween ~ 12 Flying Bats

On the twelfth day of Halloween my true love gave to me:

1 Haunted Castle
2 Faced Suit
3 Eyed Carved Pumpkin
4 Spooky Spiderwebs
5(0) Shades of Orange
6 6 6 Devilish Dips
7 Deadly Sins Punch
8 Troublesome Testtubes
9 Infected Syringes
10 Batman Cookies
11+ Instagram Photos
And finally 12 Flying Bats

being a kindergarten teacher the future husband has plenty of experience with paper crafts, so when I asked him to craft me some paper bats for the windows he was all in.
So he cut out the bats he drew from memory and I put then on our windows with tape.

This is it! My 12 Days of Halloween. I slacke off a little on the middle, but it all came together in the end. And since Halloween was on a thursday with year I'd say that today is still part of this Halloween weekend. I hope you enjoyed my little Blogstravaganza.

Happy Halloween & good night out there, whatever you are!
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